GAS RNG Services

In the RNG industry, every hour that a high BTU plant is down it costs owners and operators thousands of dollars. This is why GAS RNG Systems is so focused on service. We offer two types of service: after sales service of systems we have supplied and optimization servicing of systems supplied by others to maximize their performance and availability.


GAS RNG Systems provides two types of service, the after sale service of systems we have supplied, and service on systems supplied by others to optimize their performance and availability. Our mission is to keep these systems running at their optimum capacity, day after day. 

​Our locations in New York state,  Florida, and Canada have media storage facilities and inventory, and spare parts inventory for valves and instruments. From our locations in New York state, Texas, and Florida, we can perform maintenance on rotating machines such as blowers, compressors, and pumps. We can also inspect, clean, refurbish, and repair burners and heat exchangers, so they can be shipped back for many more years of service.


Our engineering service department can provide audits of existing high BTU plants, whether they were supplied by GAS RNG or other suppliers, and prepare a detailed list of recommendations for the improvement of the performance of your upgrading plant. These improvements include decreasing downtime, energy usage optimization, and maximizing the lifetime of consumables such as desulfurization media.

​GAS RNG Systems also offers complete maintenance contracts including desulfurization media replacement, valve leakage detection and maintenance, compressor oil analysis and oil changes, heat exchanger cleaning, filter changes, and chiller maintenance.

​GAS RNG Systems understands that service is a 24 hour a day affair, which makes it your and our first priority.