Biogas Dehydration

Our engineers have leveraged over 50 years of company experience in gas separation and compression to become experts in the Biogas and Landfill gas markets. One of our specialties is providing custom-engineered gas dehydration packages that are designed to fit the specific needs of our clients.

The various RNG process skids can be paired or can come integrated with dehydration and cooling skid equipment. Dehydration is an essential pretreatment process as feedstock RNG often has significant levels of moisture content.

It is crucial that this moisture is removed from the gas prior to further processing, as water vapor from gas streams can damage downstream equipment and cause corrosion in pipelines.

Because the compression processes generate large amounts of heat, glycol heat exchangers can additionally be used to cool the gas if the ambient and target temperatures do not allow for air-cooled exchangers.

The glycol cooling and dehydration skids are designed to minimize piping and footprint size while integrating the chillers, glycol tanks, pumps, and heat exchangers necessary to the processes.

GAS RNG Systems often utilizes vertical tanks, vertical pumps, and stacked heat exchangers to achieve these goals